Abstract Submission Form For Stakeholders‘ Parallel Sessions

Stakeholders‘ Parallel Sessions are directed to high-profile European Union or national government representatives, distinguished science diplomacy practitioners, leading non-state institutions in the field, and so forth.

These sessions will consist on 45-90-min meeting, which can be supported by different formats: a panel roundtable with different speakers, a set of oral communications delivered by different presenters, a combination of oral communications and a panel roundtable, and so forth.

Initially, at least three sessions will be selected to run in parallel on Wednesday 17th March from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm CET (UTC+1). If the number and quality of applications is substantial, additional Stakeholders‘ Parallel Sessions will be made available.

The S4D4C Evaluation Committee will assign an S4D4C partner institution as host for this parallel session. Applicants are welcomed to contact any S4D4C partner institution beforehand to suggest potential S4D4C speakers, but this is not mandatory. The assigned S4D4C host institution will provide assistance during the stakeholders‘ parallel session.

You are invited to complete the form for the application below. More information on the call for abstracts can be found here.

  • Abstract Submission Form

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  • You can find the descriptions of the topics here: https://www.s4d4c.eu/call-for-abstracts-final-s4d4c-networking-meeting/
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