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Science and Innovation Diplomacy Agencies at the nexus of research, economics, and politics

Both practitioners and scholars tend to regard Science and Technology Agreements (STA) to be important, prominent, and highly effective tools for science diplomacy (SD). Yet it is far from clear whether they form an integral


Science and Technology Agreements in the Toolbox of Science Diplomacy: Effective Instruments or Insignificant Add-ons?

The last decade has seen the emergence of several organisations dedicated to pursue national science diplomacy agendas. This working paper comparatively examines three cases: The UK’s Science and Innovation Network, the Swiss SWISSNEX, and the


New Frontiers in Science Diplomacy

The Royal Society’s report (in cooperation with the American Association for the Advancement of Science) is the synopsis of a conference in 2009 in the United Kingdom and can be regarded as having brought up


International Science and Technology Cooperation in a Globalized World: The External Dimension of the European Research Area

This book provides theoretical insights and practical solutions on how to equip the European Research Area with policies and instruments to ‘go global’ successfully, and on how to implement policy measures effectively and efficiently. As


Understanding European Union Science Diplomacy

The study investigates and systemises different motivations of EU policy makers for science diplomacy practices. It develops nine role conceptions of EU external science policies with a discourse analysis approach and discusses them in the


Science Diplomacy: New Day or False Dawn?

This edited volume asks the question whether science diplomacy has to be considered a new type of diplomacy and whether it will prove more effective than other forms when it comes to addressing global challenges.

1st Global Networking Meeting

S4D4C’s 1st Global Networking Meeting – upcoming, 12-14 December, Madrid!

We are pleased to announce our 1st Global Networking Meeting, ‘EU Science Diplomacy beyond 2020’, which will be taking place in Madrid (Spain) on 12-14 December 2018. European Union foreign policy faces crucial global challenges,


Connecting Scientists to Policy Around the World: Landscape Analysis of Mechanisms Around the World Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy

This report constitutes one of the most extensive mapping projects of  S&T policy cooperation mechanisms around the world available up to date. Even though it is not tailored to the EU context and it has


S4D4C was at the BioVision 2018 Conference, in Alexandria

Last week, we had the chance to take part in the biennial conference BioVision 2018 in Alexandria, Egypt. Articulated around the theme ‘New Life Sciences: towards Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs)’, the conference was the ninth