The overall aim of S4D4C (“Using Science for/in Diplomacy for addressing global Challenges”) is to support current and future European science diplomacy for the benefit of European capacities, EU foreign policy goals and especially the development of solutions for global challenges.

The overall objective translates into the following specific objectives:

  • Providing new insights and a better understanding of the contributions of science and science collaborations to foreign policy goals, especially in the context of European models and experiences
  • Facilitation of effective and efficient interfaces for European science diplomacy to take better advantage of European science and science cooperation
  • Provision of policy guidance on where and how EU and EU Member State (MS) science diplomacy can be active in the future
  • Better preparation, clearer mandate and stronger identity of European science diplomacy
  • Increased capacities and knowledge resources for EU and MS science diplomacy
  • Expanding global reach and visibility for EU science diplomacy