S4D4C’s 1st Networking Meeting (Global)

‘EU Science Diplomacy beyond 2020’

12-14 December 2018, Madrid

This 1st S4D4C Global Meeting ‘EU Science Diplomacy Beyond 2020’ discussed global challenges from a multidisciplinary approach. It brought onboard the experience of scientists, diplomats, policy-makers, and civil servants who work in the cross-boundary professional field known as science diplomacy, as well as the expertise of scholars who have analysed different case studies to date.

Experts from across the world gave a global approach providing a perspective, not only from countries that are leading the trend in science diplomacy, but also from emerging and developing economies that are taking crucial steps towards establishing a coordinated science diplomacy effort.

Another result of the first global networking meeting is a video promoting science diplomacy and supporting the vision outlined in the “Madrid Declaration on Science Diplomacy“. The video was produced by FECYT – The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology on behalf of S4D4C.

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This event was organised and hosted by our project partners at the Spanish Foundation for Science & Technology (FECYT).