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Workshop Announcement: Reflections on the climate debate in Central Europe: Finance, economy, and diplomacy

The NIECE and CIC 2030 projects cordially invite you to take part in a workshop titled: Reflections on the climate debate in Central Europe: Finance, economy, and diplomacy that will take place on Monday, 19

S4D4C Interactive Webinar Series: Exchange views and build your science diplomacy community!

In May 2020 we launched an online course on European science diplomacy. Almost 5,000 students have registered – this surpasses our expectations. Let’s seize the moment and build a science diplomacy community! We offer you

What Is Science Diplomacy? S4D4C Interactive Webinar Series 1

Date: Thursday 1st October 2020 Time: 15:00-17:00 For the last decade, science diplomacy (SD) has become a popular concept in both science and foreign policy discourses. SD has been used as an umbrella term to

Science Diplomacy at the European “R&I Days”

The European Commission’s hosted its R&I Days (“Research and Innovation Days”) with a strong component on science diplomacy and international cooperation from 22-24 October. More information about the event is available on the dedicated website.

Announcement: Europe and Canada addressing global challenges together: science diplomacy as a strategic approach

S4D4C has pulled together a panel for the 12th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC 2020). The event is virtual and the organisers anticipate 2.500+ participants and presenters from five continents in more than 65 panel

S4D4C researchers providing actors’ perspectives – InsSciDE/The Hague Journal webinars

Our sister project InsSciDE organized a two days webinar session titled “Actors’ perspectives: Science diplomacy and the cross-sectoral impacts of Covid-19” In the 4 panels, different practitioners, scholars and stakeholders of science diplomacy discussed science

Ionising Radiation Research, Social Sciences and Humanities and Science Diplomacy

On 3 September 2020, our S4D4C partner Lorenzo Melchor ran a workshop entitled “An Introduction to Science Diplomacy: Navigating the Complex Interface between Science, Technology, Innovation, and International Relations” during the Pre-RICOMET Conference which dealt

Careers beyond the lab: discussions at the European Science Open Forum

The bi-annual European Science Open Forum had been postponed from July to September and was carried out as one of the largest “hybrid” science events from 2 to 6 September 2020. More than 1000 people

Event review: International experiences and perspectives for Colombia

Science diplomacy is an emerging concept in international relations and global policymaking. It entails narrowing the gap between the fields of science and diplomacy, often perceived as belonging to different worlds. Bringing together actors from

Science Diplomacy Webinar series in Tunisia

At the initiative of the Tunisia-European Union Twinning Programme «Institutional support for improving the performance of the Tunisian research and innovation system», a series of three webinars on science diplomacy brought together diplomats and academics