S4D4C has come to an end – long live European Union Science Diplomacy

Each project has a beginning and an end – for S4D4C these were January 1, 2018 (although one could argue that it started with the planning and proposal preparation phase already earlier) and April 30, 2021.

The S4D4C team has been very grateful to contribute to the science diplomacy landscape in Europe and beyond, and it is not without nostalgia that we have to say goodbye.

However, we want our legacy to live on!

Here we summarised for you all you need to know about the project, the tools you can continue to use and how to connect with us and the science diplomacy community.


What are the main project results?

  • If you want to get to know the project, please consult our About page and the information we summarised under the Impact page.
  • In S4D4C, we combined original conceptual and empirical work in order to advance our objectives. We built on and pushed beyond the theoretical state-of-the-art. We constructed a unique set of case studies (see here) and translated the empirical material into different outputs, for example, academically oriented as well as policy-oriented publications, training activities to maximise learning opportunities or the proposed governance framework to make our findings as relevant as possible.

How can you use them?

What happens after the project ended?

  • This website and all its content remain online until April 2025, 4 years after the end of the project.
  • The project partners and the individuals that formed part of the project team are most likely still available in case you have specific questions about the activities or outputs. We are certainly pleased to hear from you at any time in relation to the impact our work created, how you are using the results, toolkits and materials. You may use contact@s4d4c.eu to get in touch.
  • Some of the partners, together with colleagues from other science diplomacy projects and stakeholders continue to work under the umbrella of the European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance. We recommend you to check out the website www.science-diplomacy.eu for updated information. The Alliance is reachable via contact@science-diplomacy.eu.
  • The community established through the project via social media and the European Science Diplomacy course will also be maintained under this Alliance. We invite you to keep connected via the LinkedIn Group and twitter.

Take care and let’s stay in touch!

Elke Dall, on behalf of the S4D4C consortium

S4D4C Team

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