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Science Advice to Governments: An Emerging Dimension of Science Diplomacy

As the interaction between science and public policy becomes more important to societal development and environmental stewardship at both the national and international levels, there is a growing need to examine the principles underpinning these

Water-Energy Nexus: An Innovative Approach to Peace building

The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of the most complex in the world. It has all the divisive elements of ethnicity, religion, borders and natural resources. EcoPeace Middle East is an organisation that seeks to create

Science Diplomacy in the 21st Century

Science diplomacy is the use of scientific collaborations among nations to address the common problems facing 21st century humanity and to build constructive international partnerships. There are many ways that scientists can contribute to this

National Approaches to Science Diplomacy: An Education Resource

In 2005, the AAAS published a resource gathering a number of papers illustrating how differently Science Diplomacy is perceived across different countries. Thereby, single contributions elaborate on different national approaches that each seek to address

S4D4C’s State-of-the-Art Report on Science Diplomacy

Considering the large number of differing and sometimes contradictory perceptions of Science Diplomacy, from an analytical point of view, it still remains an open question what exactly the term denotes, how it is defined and

The rhetoric of “Science Diplomacy”

Across the policy discourses and academic literature, the popularity of the concept of “Science Diplomacy” has used the concept in an uncritical manner. This paper aims to understand the concept’s value-added and the implications of

Understanding Volcanos in Isolated Locations: Engaging Diplomacy for Science

The article provides another noteworthy example of Science Diplomacy – including North Korea. In a typical international scientific collaboration, the hardest steps are often developing a strong research idea, building a team, formulating a proposal,

EU Science Diplomacy in a contested space of multi-level governance

This empirical-based research paper tries to classify the current role of the European Commission in the field of external research policies as compared to the Member States traditionally in charge of it. The article draws

Science Diplomacy in the European Union

In this seminal piece of work, Moedas as then-residing EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation propounds his understanding of Science Diplomacy and its role for the future of the European Union in an increasingly

Time for a New Era of Science Diplomacy

This short article in the Science Magazine set the tone early on. The two-pager was among the first publications that drafted a Science Diplomacy strategy for the United States and in that illustrated the American