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Bringing Scientists into Science Diplomacy

Poster on S4D4C’s Open Doors Programme

Science and Technology are crucial tools in tackling humanity’s grand challenges. Addressing these challenges requires the coordinated efforts of researchers, diplomats and policy makers. However, communication between these parties is not usually straightforward and training opportunities are needed. S4D4C’s Open Doors Programme aimed to provide scientists with tools to become science diplomats.

In mid-October 2018, the S4D4C project launched its ‘Open Doors Programme’ in order to train highly motivated scientists in science diplomacy. This competitive scheme gave five grantees the opportunity to engage with different diplomacy stakeholders across Europe and gain hands-on experience.

We have summarized the lessons learnt in a publication “How to set up a knowledge exchange experience in diplomacy and/or policy for researchers. The S4D4C Open Doors toolkit” which captures the lessons learnt during the design and implementation of the programme and the testimonials of researchers and host institutions. Also, it describes a few additional exchange programmes for researchers in diplomatic or other public policy environments so as to show the very many different shapes these programmes can take while sharing the objective of fostering better connections between researchers, diplomats and/or policymakers. Finally, it incldes some tips for those institutions interested in establishing their own exchange programmes. You can access the report here: S4D4C_D5.9_open doors report_revised

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S4D4C’s blog entries on the progress of the Open Doors Programme:

The S4D4C Open Doors Programme brought five grantees closer to Science Diplomacy

The S4D4C Open Doors Programme brought five grantees closer to Science Diplomacy

In November 2018, the S4D4C project “Science for/in diplomacy for addressing global challenges” published its call for the “Open Door Programme” attracting applications from scientists working in various research fields and with an interest in public policy-making and diplomacy in ...
“Open Doors” Programme grantees visit Brussels

“Open Doors” Programme grantees visit Brussels

From February 27-28 two of the researchers selected in the "Open Doors" Programme of S4D4C travelled to Brussels to continue their training in science diplomacy. On the first day, they participated in the final conference of EL-CSID. The event presented ...
Open Doors Participants visiting London

Progress of the S4D4C “Open Doors” Programme: visit to London

Two of the researchers that were selected in the competitive S4D4C Open Doors programme travelled to London together with representatives of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology to continue their training in science diplomacy on 30th and 31st of ...
S4D4C 'Open Doors Programme' running

S4D4C ‘Open Doors Programme’ running

In order to meet our S4D4C goals, and taking into account that both academic and practical expertise are necessary, S4D4C launched an exciting opportunity for researchers to establish relationships with diplomats, policy makers and global experts to enable them to ...