Toolkit for Trainers

Are you setting up a training exercise on science diplomacy? Looking for inspiration and guidance?

As the demand for capacity-building at the science diplomacy interface grows around the world, this new toolkit for trainers helps with planning, designing, implementing and evaluating a successful training program on science diplomacy. It can be flexibly adapted to specific context and needs.

It addresses different suitable formats of online and in-person trainings and is directed to those already experienced in teaching the topic, as well as to trainers who are organising their first course on SD. Furthermore, it is intended for a wide range of institutional settings and it offers additionally suitable training materials.

The information and recommendations provided in the toolkit are based mainly on the training experiences gained within the S4D4C project.

The toolkit is divided into five parts:

Part 1: Training Curriculum offers recommendations on the topics (including subtopics, sources and training materials) to be considered for SD training activities.

Part 2: Training Formats provides guidance on how to set concrete learning objectives and how to choose the most suitable format for the training.

Part 3: In-person Training,

Part 4: Online Courses and

Part 5: Online Workshops

Each part is then broken down into the following key sections:

Phase I: Planning and Organizing contains guidance for trainers including estimated timeframes for each phase.

Phase II: Design, Development and Delivery lists tips on how to design and how to communicate it. It also refers to tools that strengthen the interaction between the trainees.

Phase III: Evaluation outlines methods for organising reviews and gathering feedback to improve future training activities.

You can download the toolkit here:


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Josten, M., Meyer, N., Müller, A.P., Reschke, S., Gual Soler, M., Perosa, S., Melchor, L., Elorza, A., Lacun-za, I. (2020). Teaching Science Diplomacy: Planning, designing, delivering and evaluating training activities on Science Diplomacy. Proposal for a curriculum and toolkit for trainers. S4D4C Deliverable 5.2,

DoI: 10.5281/zenodo.4362580