Blog Series

In this section, S4D4C presents the project’s activities which are not direct project outcomes, puts the spotlight on the researchers who are working on the project, and provides information on the broader science diplomacy conversation. This is done in the form of blog entries on the S4D4C website.

Researcher’s voices

In the researcher’s voices series, the focus lies on the people behind the project. In a series of interviews, we introduce researchers who are working on various parts of the project, and give them the opportunity to present their specific views on science diplomacy and the S4D4C project.

A list of posts in the researcher’s voices category can be found HERE.

Stakeholder’s voices

For the stakeholder’s voices series, S4D4C invites selected experts in the field of science diplomacy and foreign policy to share their insights and knowledge with our readers. The interviews published here resemble the researcher’s voices, where we feature S4D4C team members and their views on science diplomacy and the project. With the stakeholder’s voices we also show the views of experts who are not directly involved in the project.

A list of posts in the stakeholder’s voice category can be found HERE.

Event Reviews

This category includes reviews of events organised by the S4D4C project, but also reviews on external conferences and events with contributions by S4D4C.

A list of all event reviews on the S4D4C website can be found HERE.

Open-lab notebook

In the open-lab notebook posts on our website, which are inspired by the open lab notebooks that increasingly become part of open science, we allow our readers a look behind the scenes of the S4D4C project. This series provides short updates on what the project’s team is currently working on, as well as insight into our processes. We also include in this category updates on major milestones that the project has reached.

A list of posts in the open-lab notebook category can be found HERE.