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Water Diplomacy – The New Modus Operandi of EU Diplomacy? Innovative Methods in Diplomatic Practice

One of the case studies of S4D4C was the basis of the following publication in The Hague Journal of Diplomacy (received: 9 November 2020; revised: 9 April 2021; accepted: 14 June 2021), published after the

The Impact Story of S4D4C

At the end of the project’s duration (in April 2021) we are reflecting on contributions considering the long-term impact of our Horizon 2020-funded project “Using science for/in diplomacy for addressing global challenges” (S4D4C). The project’s

title page open doors report

Setting up Knowledge Exchange Experiences in Policy and/or Diplomacy for Researchers: The S4D4C Open Doors Toolkit

The need to create more and more fluent interactive spaces for scientists, diplomats, and other stakeholders to work together in addressing global challenges through science diplomacy has been one of the strongest messages the S4D4C project has

Nurturing the Science Diplomacy Community

Nurturing the EU Science Diplomacy Community: The Launch of a EU Science Diplomacy Alliance for Addressing Global Challenges

S4D4C’s approach to science diplomacy promotes a multi-stakeholder endeavor and searches to nurture a European science diplomacy community where scientists, scholars, innovators, diplomats, policy-makers, and other practitioners have the opportunity to interact for the benefit

New Version of the S4D4C Policy Report “Calling For A Systemic Change: Towards a European Union Science Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges”

Last May 2020, S4D4C published the policy report entitled “Calling for a Systemic Change: Towards a European Union Science Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges”. Together with the publication of this policy report, S4D4C opened a

Policy Brief and Academic Article: Why science diplomacy needs evaluative backing

In this new policy brief, S4D4C team member Tim Flink presents a first set of guiding ideas that can be used by policy actors to evaluate science diplomacy strategies. Science diplomacy has been a rather

Policy Brief and Report: A New Protocol for Science Diplomacy

In this policy brief, S4D4C team members Ewert Aukes, Stefan Kuhlmann , James Wildson and Gonzalo Ordonez-Matamoros introduce the New Protocol for Science Diplomacy which is displayed on our website here. The policy brief is

Teaching Science Diplomacy: New toolkit for trainers available now

Are you setting up a training exercise on science diplomacy? Looking for inspiration and guidance? As the demand for capacity-building at the science diplomacy interface grows around the world, this new toolkit for trainers helps

Romancing science for global solutions

One of S4D4C’s mission is to increase the conceptual understanding of science diplomacy addressing global challenges. This also includes a critical review of how the concept is currently used to better understand and use it.

Critical perspective on Science Diplomacy in The Hague Journal of Diplomacy

S4D4C team member Tim Flink published an article entitled “The sensationalist Discourse of Science Diplomacy: A critical reflection”. This piece is part of the series of special articles that S4D4C researchers have contributed to The