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Gender in science diplomacy and S4D4C

Day of Women in Science – Women in Science Diplomacy The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated on 11 February and at S4D4C we want to use this occasion to briefly

S4D4C’s Concluding Science Diplomacy Survey – closed

We have launched a concluding survey before the end of our project to receive some final reflections from the community. It should not take you longer than 10 minutes to fill and will include the

Two years since the 1st S4D4C Networking Meeting in Madrid

On the 14th of December 2020, S4D4C celebrates the second anniversary since we organised the 1st S4D4C Networking Meeting, which took place on the 12-14th December 2018 in Madrid (Spain). S4D4C had been running for

Horizon Europe banner

Shaping science diplomacy for Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the ninth European Research and Innovation Framework Programme (2021-2027) and successor programme of Horizon 2020 which is co-funding also the S4D4C project activities. The strategic plan, rules of participation and guidelines for

meeting S4D4C COVID19 Task Force

What everyone is talking about: COVID-19 (and science diplomacy?)

We currently all feel united in our worries about the infectious disease COVID-19 and the socio-economic crisis that is following. The S4D4C team members are of course also concerned, for example we had to cancel

S4D4C online lecture “Science Diplomacy in the Making”

Upon invitation of the TU Dortmund Center for Higher Education, Stefan Kuhlmann and Ewert Aukes (both University of Twente) provided the online lecture “Science Diplomacy in the Making” in the frame of the “Higher Education

European Science Diplomacy Online Course Surpasses Expectations

We launched the course just 3 weeks ago and more than 3.000 trainees have already started the course, 300 of them have already received a certificate! Congratulations! Are you still wondering if the course is

European Science Diplomacy Online Course now ready – for you!

Make use of a unique online training opportunity in science diplomacy Today marks a true milestone in the S4D4C project. After months of intensive preparations, conceptual discussions and a careful collection of material, the S4D4C

Training Materials on Science Diplomacy now available on our website!

In 2019, S4D4C organised two training workshops on Science Diplomacy – one in October in Trieste and one in November in Vienna. Since then, we have been working on preparing the training materials used during

Open Science Diplomacy to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

By Katja Mayer The Coronavirus crisis shows us how fragile and sensitive our living environments are. Everywhere taken for granted infrastructures collapse, or it becomes clear that they are insufficiently available or maintained. It has