Poster on S4D4C trainings

In this section, we present the S4D4C project’s various training programmes.
The S4D4C team is preparing in-person and online training programmes in science diplomacy.

The capacity of participants will be strengthened by providing information, networking and community-building opportunities. The aim is to build a reliable cooperation as well as to develop mutual understanding between stakeholders.

Europe’s ambitions for better integrated research have become increasingly intertwined with the priorities of the international community. however a very limited number of training opportunities are so far available. Our aim is to widen the range of trainings in order to give more diplomats as well as scientists the possibility to develop their understanding and skills in science diplomacy.



Open Doors Programme

In Mid-October 2018, the S4D4C project launched its ‘Open Doors Programme’ in order to train highly motivated scientists in science diplomacy. This competitive scheme gave five grantees the opportunity to engage with different diplomacy stakeholders across Europe and gain hands-on experience, taking part in a ‘learning by doing’ training programme in science diplomacy.

The grantees took part in meetings held by S4D4C and its sister-project EL-CSID, had the opportunity to visit the Spanish embassies in London and Brussels, as well as the European Space Agency, and also attended the UK’s Parliamentary workshop.

Read more about it HERE.

Science Diplomacy Workshops

The S4D4C project organised two workshops on science diplomacy. The first workshop took place at The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) in Trieste from 21-23 October 2019. It was followed by a second workshop, held at the Diplomatische Akademie Wien – Vienna School of International Studies (DA) in Vienna from 25-27 November 2019.

These workshops were designed for scientists, diplomats, policymakers, research institution administrators, representatives from NGOs as well as other applicants who are working at the interface of science, technology and foreign policy and pursue a career in science diplomacy.

The goal of both workshops was to provide participants with the opportunity to understand the state-of-the-art of science diplomacy in Europe, provide them with the necessary skills to work in science diplomacy, as well as showcase some examples of science diplomacy in action e.g. through panel discussions and research-based case studies developed by the consortium (LINK). The workshops were designed to be interactive, present different types of sessions, and provide participants with time and opportunity to network and exchange work related experiences.

The S4D4C consortium prepared two different training curricula for the two workshops, as the events, though organised with a similar methodology, were designed with a slightly different target group in mind: the workshop at TWAS (Trieste) was anticipated to have a higher ratio of scientists while the one at DA (Vienna) was directed to a more diplomatic audience.

Trieste Workshop
“Science meets diplomacy: a new European perspective”
Vienna Workshop
“Science Diplomacy Dynamics – Opening Science! Opening Diplomacy”

Online Course on Science Diplomacy

The S4D4C is currently developing an online course on science diplomacy. It will be available here as soon as it is ready.

S4D4C Training Materials

All presentations and training materials developed by S4D4C over the course of the project will be made available here.