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The Arctic Science Agreement Propels Science Diplomacy

Global geopolitics are fuelling the renewal of East-West tensions, with deteriorating U.S.-Russia relations in the wake of conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, issues involving cyber-security, and broader concerns about expanding militarisation. Against this backdrop, the

Tools for an EU Science Diplomacy

In “Tools for an EU Science Diplomacy”, Van Langenhove provides a thorough overview over the perception of and tools for Science Diplomacy in the EU, its member states and beyond. Based on the traditional approach

Observations, Diplomacy, and the Future of Ocean Governance

The challenges of linking scientific collaboration with intergovernmental diplomacy are certainly enormous. However, the G7 states have initiated a process that offers a valuable test case on the conceptual and practical merits of Science Diplomacy

Enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation in research and innovation

In 2012, the European Commission clearly communicated that the EU needed a strategic approach to enhance and focus on the EU’s international cooperation activities in research and innovation in particular with a view to preparing

Science Diplomacy: A Pragmatic perspectives from the Inside

The article criticises the aforementioned traditional taxonomy of Science Diplomacy (as used in the 2010 landmark report published by the UK Royal Society and the AAAS), which distinguishes between “science in diplomacy”, “diplomacy for science”

Making Global Policy

Science Diplomacy together with other new concepts of ‘transnational public–private partnership’ and ‘trans-governmentalism’ are discussed as responding to the public challenges of a globalised world. The volume takes a global governance perspective on the topic

Science Diplomacy Networks

The implementation of Science Diplomacy activities involves a wide range of stakeholders, government departments, staff and strategies. The article by Lutz-Peter Berg zooms in and provides an overview over science diplomacy networks, their aims, methods

Science Diplomacy in the European Union: Practices and Prospects

Most recently, the European Commission has started to revamp its institutional setting and policies, also in order to engage more explicitly in the field of Science Diplomacy. The S4D4C policy brief elaborates on three interrelated

Optimism, Pessimism, and Science Diplomacy

This article sheds some light on the political charges of the Science Diplomacy debate in the US and illustrates nicely the hopes that it invests in science and its ultimately political role. Colglazier (2017) Optimism,

Open Europe

This official report on the results of the working period 2014-2019 of the European Commission has a section on Science Diplomacy and explicated the perceptions and intentions that were connected to this concept in contemporary