As from June 2019, Halina Walasek is a Policy Officer in charge of Science Diplomacy in the Directorate for International Cooperation, at DG RTD (EC).

In 2010-2019 she was a Policy Officer assigned to SSH and she gained experience as a Programme Committee Coordinator, Advisory Group Coordinator, National Contact Points Correspondent and a Work Programme Correspondent.

In 2007 – 2009 Halina Walasek was responsible for calls for proposals (all steps of the evaluation process), negotiation and monitoring of projects in Science in Society FP7 programme (Communicating science with society).

Before joining the DG RTD, Ms Walasek was employed in HEB-ISTI (Higher School for Translators and Interpreters) in Brussels as a professor of Polish language. As she undertook research, she actively participated, with communications, in scientific conferences and published scientific articles, including in peer-reviewed journals.

Halina Walasek was part of the closying keynotes on general policy context and shared the perspective from the European Commission