Knowledge Consolidation

The most fundamental features in developing any cognitive architecture are memory and learning. When the content is learned by repetition, it is remembered better and retained for a longer time. Therefore, we have combined the revision with a reward component. In this regard, we have visualised several questions and we have tried to boost the fun factor.

The tools Science Diplomacy Knowledge Quiz and Science Diplomacy Bingo are a playful way to consolidate knowledge. They could be generally used for all kinds of training activities, workshops and conferences.

Generally, you are free to share and adapt the materials for any purpose with adequate ttribution and for non-commercial use. The majority of the materials is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC-BY). Please check carefully each material’s licence – there are some exceptions (e.g. CC-BY-ND).

We are happy if you drop us a line when in case you re-use any of the materials to learn about their dissemination: