Margarida RIBEIRO

Margarida Almeida Ribeiro has a degree in International relations, a Masters in European political studies and a post-graduate degree in management – University of Lisbon. Margarida is working on her PhD on Political Science – Public policies, on Science diplomacy.

She started working in the Economic Affairs Cabinet of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then moved to a management consultancy firm, managing European projects.

After this experience in the private sector, she took a post in the Portuguese Council of Ministers and then Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, to support the Director-General of Science ICT policy, where she dealt with international and interinstitutional affairs. She was the national representative in several EU Committees, UN agencies and ITU in the domain of science and digital policies. She was also dealing with the Portuguese Digital Agenda, supporting the national Smart Specialization process and following international cooperation strategy – in particular USA, Brazil and African countries.

Currently, Margarida works for the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, Directorate B Open Innovation and Open Science. She is the EC contact person for EIROforum organisations, is part of the EC ESFRI Secretariat and she is working on international cooperation & research policy in the Research Infrastructures field. She has been appointed a member of the EC Horizon Europe strategic planning task force.