Open notebook: Activities started, exploring opportunities

We have written elsewhere that our project has kicked off its activities in Vienna on 1 and 2 February 2018. So what are we up to now? There are three main lines of activities:

  • We are working on a conceptual framework for science diplomacy. They take the state-of-the-art in research on science diplomacy and ask what approaches are most suitable and relevant for our work. Where the current research is not sufficient, we also take first analytic steps to move beyond it. This theoretical groundwork will inform our case studies, but also our work on training, resources and a governance framework for science diplomacy.
  • The case study teams are currently forming and lead authors are preparing case logbooks charting the way into the empirical field. This will be discussed at an internal case study workshop at Charles University in Prague in June.
  • Finally, we are also getting ready to reach out to some of our stakeholders for a needs assessment. This allows us to tailor our outputs to what is most needed in science diplomacy practice.

Beyond this, our impact manager is setting up the impact monitoring system. We are also looking into the first opportunities to

  • network European and international stakeholders and
  • assess best practices in science diplomacy training.

Exciting times! Follow us @S4D4C to find out more.

S4D4C Team

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