Open notebook: Consolidating findings after the first project year

On February 25 and 26, S4D4C project partners met in Brussels for another session discussing the status of our nine science diplomacy case studies and the next steps towards their finalisation.

In all nine cases (find short outlines here), we are currently deep in the phase of interviewing selected experts and sharing our preliminary findings. During our Brussels meeting we discussed the links between the cases and specific narratives and looked at commonalities and differences based on our analytical framework.

With this meeting we also achieved a milestone: All findings provided by the cases will be fed into other parts of our work, in particular for the creation and validation of our meta-governance framework and the development of training materials. Moreover, the cases will help us to visualise some of the practices in science diplomacy-making.

We still see challenges ahead on defining the “common ground” (synthesis) for our nine cases – something, what will be tackled next. Some more meetings with stakeholders need to be organised as well, providing more and more context embedding the cases. The plans for our training activities in autumn (Trieste and Vienna) as well as the preparation of online trainings activities have considerably moved forward during our discussions.

We were able to combine the meeting that focused on the case studies with other #sciencediplomacy activities: Grantees of our “open doors programme” spent three days in Brussels, together with them several consortium members participated at the final conference of the EL-CSID project on February 27.

Check our website regularly for announcements and material stemming from our case work.



S4D4C Team

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