S4D4C Science Diplomacy Workshops

The S4D4C project organised two workshops on science diplomacy, which took place at The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) in Trieste and the Diplomatische Akademie Wien – Vienna School of International Studies (DA) in Vienna.

The workshops were designed for scientists, diplomats, policymakers, research institution administrators, representatives from NGOs as well as other applicants who are working at the interface of science, technology and foreign policy and pursue a career in science diplomacy. The interactive events aimed at building the knowledge and skills of participants, and to establish a community around science diplomacy that will grow beyond the workshops.

The first workshop took place in Trieste, Italy, from 21-23 October, 2019 and was hosted by S4D4C partner TWAS – The World Academy of Sciences.

It was followed by a second workshop taking place in Vienna from 25-27 November, 2019 hosted by S4D4C partner DA – Vienna School of International Studies.