Sara Cebrián is the Science and Innovation Attaché at the British Embassy in Madrid since 2008. With responsibilities over Spain and Portugal, Sara works to enhance UK growth by connecting UK innovation and scientific expertise with international opportunities, strengthening foreign policy influence through science and innovation and supporting international development goals.

She coordinates the science diplomacy activity of the British government across Iberia, looking for political synergies and matching UK expertise to international need.

She has previously worked as an R&D programme manager and strategy consultant. She is an enthusiastic and highly proactive professional. Committed to delivering high quality work, she has developed strong project management and communication skills over the last years as part of her roles in different organizations.  She has taken part in a wide range of projects, including Ministerial and State Visits, launch of the UK Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge in Spain and has led the Embassy’s science and innovation communication’s strategy. She speaks fluent English and French and holds a MSc. in Agricultural Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.