Case study data package

The aggregated data package for the case studies (D3.1) consists of two parts: an aggregated analysis of all interviews conducted in the frame of the nine S4D4C case studies, and a literature database.

For the aggregated interview analysis, all case study authors filled a questionnaire/survey specifically created for this purpose: The process used here was designed in a way, so that each survey entry represents one interview. The objective of this interview analysis was to give a concise overview on the practices and values addressed by the respective interviewees. In addition to the raw data of the survey answers, we also provide some basic statistics on the distribution of answers, along with corresponding diagrams.

The literature database has been created using the literature management application ZOTERO. All the relevant sources used by the case study authors in their reports were collected in a shared Zotero-group. This literature database is available in different library file formats (.rdf/.bib/.csv): Download
In addition, the list of entries can be accessed via this LINK.