European Science Diplomacy Online Course Surpasses Expectations

We launched the course just 3 weeks ago and more than 3.000 trainees have already started the course, 300 of them have already received a certificate! Congratulations!

Are you still wondering if the course is something for you? We offer two webinars with training content authors who will outline the content of the course modules. We aim to give you a better understanding of what the course is about so you can take an informed decision about joining it. Register here (n.b. the two webinars have the same content, so please choose the time that is most suitable for you):

If you are already taking the course and interested to discuss and deepen the conversation, we will have dedicated webinars for this target group as well: stay tuned!

We are working on improvements and additions to the course and so we are now able to offer two more lessons in the Hands On! module where we present several case studies. Further to the ones available already (on infectious diseases, food security, open science and the synchrotron SESAME) we proudly present two additions prepared by the InsSciDE consortium:

InsSciDE project logoInsSciDE has received funding under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement no 770523), 2018-2021.

InsSciDE’s researchers focus on historical cases spanning more than three centuries and a broad range of topics (see In the online course, the group presents two historical studies of Health Diplomacy and Environmental Diplomacy:

  • the roots of Global Health Diplomacy in the management of the 1899 plague epidemic in Oporto (prepared by Céline Paillette)
  • the co-production by scientists and diplomats in the 1960-70s of new definitions for global ocean space so that it could be governed in new more expansive and potentially equitable ways (prepared by Sam Robinson)

Claire Mays, Executive Director of the project, will also join us for the July webinar:

This is the summer of Science Diplomacy Training for Europe and beyond! We are excited to collaborate with S4D4C on their smash-successful MOOC. To get a taste of InsSciDE’s live training pilot, join our Warsaw SD School Open Session, Monday 22 June 12.45-16.30”:

To register for this session:

Elke Dall, S4D4C project coordinator emphasizes:

The cooperation between S4D4C and InsSciDE in the EU Science Diplomacy Cluster is giving the topic additional momentum and we are looking forward to building a joint community with our training participants around the topic with the joint LinkedIn group and our joint website

S4D4C Team

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