National funds, programmes and councils focused on international affairs

National research funds and programmes with an explicit focus on international affairs and foreign policies often links science, science policy and foreign policy, i.e. includes aspects of science diplomacy.


Innovitalia is the official Italian “science diplomacy platform” managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of University and Research for the dissemination of information and for the networking of Italian research and innovation actors abroad. As an example of how to do science diplomacy, the Italian Foreign Ministry (called Farnesina) coordinates and organises, it involves research centres, universities, major stakeholders in research and innovation from industries. The “Tavolo Cina”, as an instrument of consultation and direction, for example, periodically brings together the leaders of the Italian institutional, scientific, academic and entrepreneurial world at the Farnesina to take stock of scientific and technological cooperation with China. 

The Advisory Council on International Affairs is an independent body in the Netherlands which advises the Dutch government and parliament on foreign policy. It produces advisory reports about international affairs both on its own initiative and on request. Its main areas of expertise are European cooperation, human rights, development cooperation and security policy. The Advisory Council focuses on strategic dilemmas and draws attention to new policy matters with a view to the longer term. Especially in times of rapidly shifting international power relations, sweeping globalisation and far-reaching technological developments, there is a need for thorough analyses. The Council produces independent, carefully argued advisory reports that provide analysis and interpretation of current international developments and recommendations for Dutch foreign policy, and in this way contributes to the political and public debate on matters of international significance.

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