Global benchmarks in diplomacy

Several rankings and indexes exist that aim to measure diplomatic initiatives.


A particularly interesting index is the Soft Power 30 series which have sought to provide useful insights and practical guidance to overcome the first challenge of using soft power: identifying and measuring its sources. In addressing this challenge, the mission has been to create a structure to manage the complexity of soft power and its numerous sources. At the same time, it has endeavoured to set our research in the global political context of today.

The 2019 Lowy Institute Global Diplomacy Index visualises the diplomatic networks of 61 G20, OECD and Asian countries and territories, allowing users to compare the most significant diplomatic networks in the world. The 2019 edition makes data available across three years – 2016, 2017 and 2019 – and sees the addition of one new country, Lithuania, which joined the OECD in July 2018. The original index was released in March 2016 and covered 42 countries in the G20 and OECD. In December 2017, a second edition was released, expanding the index by 17 Asian countries and Latvia, which acceded to the OECD in 2016. The index’s interactive map highlights gaps and concentrations in diplomatic networks and indicates strengths and weaknesses in geographic coverage and geopolitical reach. It ranks each country in terms of its diplomatic network against other G20, OECD and Asian players. Users can view the global map of networks, select and view individual country networks on the map, prepare side-by-side comparisons of networks, as well as see diplomatic representations city-by-city for any of the three years.

The Global Diplomatic Forum (GDF) is a London-based, independent, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to facilitating the global exchange of ideas and knowledge, and building bridges for understanding and cooperation. The GDF exists to provide a direct channel of interaction among diverse diplomatic stakeholders around the world. It facilitates the global exchange of ideas and knowledge, building bridges for understanding and cooperation. Specifically, its activities aim to have an impact by expanding access to knowledge and expertise in areas related to diplomacy, increasing the understanding and use of diplomatic routes in conflict resolution, creating partnership opportunities for stakeholders in different fields: Trade, Culture, Education and Environment, enhancing understanding and interaction between societies, and promoting the principles of Smart Diplomacy.

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