S4D4C acknowledged by EU Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation

The S4D4C consortium is excited to read the publication of the Input Paper by the Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation (SFIC) “Science Diplomacy”: Advancing the impact of Science Diplomacy at EU and Member States level through targeted support and improved coordination. It was developed by the SFIC Science Diplomacy Task Force [for full disclosure, one of the S4D4C partners is member of the Task Force] and endorsed by the Plenary of the Forum on March 2, 2020.

SFIC acknowledges inspiration from the EU Science Diplomacy Cluster (S4D4C, InsSciDE, EL-CSID) and highlights in particular the Madrid Declaration on Science Diplomacy [fyi: it is still open for signatories, if you are interested to sign it, drop us a mail at contact@s4d4c.eu].

The SFIC paper outlines several reasons for dealing with SD:

  • Making Europe stronger in the world: one of six priorities of the European Commission
  • Great capital for EU: SD is not fully exploited
  • EU Science diplomacy approach with new actors beyond the governmental level
  • SDGs: addressing complex transnational matters

and proposes several key activities to foster the uptake of Science Diplomacy practices and strategies from the perspective of SFIC:

  1. Inclusion of Science Diplomacy in the new EU STI International Cooperation Strategy
  2. Creation of a EU Platform for Science Diplomacy
  3. Supporting the development of training activities in the area of Science Diplomacy / Science Advice as well as creation of Science Diplomacy networks
  4. Development of an overall Science Diplomacy Roadmap including EU Commission, the EEAS and the Member States
  5. Organisation of an Annual European Science Diplomacy Conference including a European Science Diplomacy Award
  6. Foster the integration of Science Diplomacy aspects in national STI strategies

In the input paper these proposals are described in further details.

Additionally, more strategic and operational measures and activities are suggested to be considered for Horizon Europe:

a. Encourage the missions and partnerships to develop strategies for their international cooperation and related SD activities

b. Pillar 1, Excellence Science (with suggestions for MSCA, ERC and research infrastructures)

c. Pillar 2, Global Challenges (strengthening science diplomacy research)

d. Pillar 3, European Innovation (potentials of innovation networks)

And several proposals in relation to the “Widening Pariticipation and ERA” aspect of the new programme:

e. Exploring the SD potential of COST

f. Considering a Mutual Learning Excercise

g. Launching an annual EU science-policy-diplomacy fellowship scheme

h. Increasing strategic intelligence on foreign STI systems of interest

>>> Find the SFIC Input Paper on Science Diplomacy here: https://data.consilium.europa.eu/doc/document/ST-1352-2020-INIT/en/pdf

>>> Please also read the S4D4C considerations on how Science Diplomacy could be reflected in Horizon Europe: https://www.s4d4c.eu/s4d4c-considerations-on-how-to-include-science-diplomacy-aspects-in-horizon-europe/

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