S4D4C ‘Open Doors Programme’ running

In order to meet our S4D4C goals, and taking into account that both academic and practical expertise are necessary, S4D4C launched an exciting opportunity for researchers to establish relationships with diplomats, policy makers and global experts to enable them to access and use scientific research: the ‘Open Doors Programme’.

This new scheme gives researchers, practitioners, diplomats and policy makers an opportunity to experience each other’s worlds. The scientists participating in the ‘Open Doors Programme’ will learn how best to engage with different diplomacy stakeholders, improving both sides’ understanding of the respective other community.


How does the ‘Open Doors Programme’ work?

The scheme runs from December 2018 to March 2019. The S4D4C team has opened this international call for researchers. Successful applicants are able to participate in a 3-4 days group meeting at the 1st S4D4C Global Meeting in Madrid (Spain) from 12-14 December 2018, in another 3-4 days group meeting at the German Aerospace Center/ Project Management Agency (DLR) in Bonn, Germany, and a further 3-4 days individual visits at a Spanish embassy in Europe between February and March 2019. The programme allows the selected applicants to meet with some of the most relevant scientific advice and science diplomacy experts in Europe and beyond.

More specifically, participants:

  • participate in meetings with ministries, funding agencies as well as European and international organisations in Germany to learn about best practices in science diplomacy, its challenges and opportunities.
  • ‘stay at the embassy’, ie. participate in meetings to learn about the different departments of a Spanish embassy, meet invited speakers and attend diplomatic activities.
  • have the opportunity to present their own activities and to learn more about career development.

The host institutions will prepare a detailed agenda so that the researchers obtain an overview of these institutions’ responsibilities, their work culture and their portfolio of activities, particularly regarding foreign policy and science diplomacy aspects.


Who is the programme for?

The programme is designed for researchers. The selected researchers will gain a fresh perspective on how scientific findings can help inform the creation, scrutiny and review of policies, as well as a better understanding of how researchers can get involved in the process.

The selected researchers have the opportunity to:

  1. learn how embassies, science policy and funding agencies work and how you can partake in the policy making process;
  2. network and build lasting relationships with science diplomacy stakeholders, policy makers as well as fellow scientists at a European and global level;
  3. be exposed to the daily routine of a political and diplomatic mission;
  4. present and analyse science diplomacy cases;
  5. identify future areas for EU science diplomacy activities;
  6. generate and discuss different training opportunities for current and future science diplomats;
  7. have open discussions about how to foster EU and MS science diplomacy;
  8. join us in raising awareness about the importance of science diplomacy for the EU and its Member States (MS);
  9. learn about funding and career opportunities.

Diplomats, policy makers and donors will also benefit indirectly from the programme:

  1. Learn about the science behind a variety of issues raised by other countries.
  2. Meet experts who can provide know-how on the policy issues you are dealing with.
  3. Establish long-lasting relationships with scientists.
  4. Learn about the researchers’ challenges and needs that require policy activities.
  5. Create new ideas for funding activities in the field of science advice and science diplomacy.
  6. Network with other civil servants working in scientific fields.

The call for researchers to participate in the “Open Doors” programme was open from 15-31 October 2018 (11:59 GMT)

Applications received after this deadline could not be taken into consideration. We are exploring possibilities for a continuation of the programme and will inform you when further opportunities open up.

Researchers expressed their interest in the project by applying to the open call on the following link: https://event.fecyt.es/s4d4c.

Application materials and inquiries were to be addressed to the following email address: s4d4c@fecyt.es.

Call for applications

The call targeted researchers at an appropriate level of seniority (PostDocs, Principal Investigators (PI), and beyond) working in national, European and international research institutions located in the EU and with an interest in science policy. The selection process will be open, merit based and transparent.

Each participant was expected to prepare a report about their experiences as well as video testimonials (e.g. YouTube videos). These reports and experience testimonials will be published on the S4D4C website and in social networks. The experiences of the participants will also be presented at the 2nd S4D4C European networking event, at the end of 2019.


  • Applicants should be researchers with a PhD in any field of knowledge (sciences, humanities, technology, engineering, medicine, mathematics).
  • Applicants should work in either the academic or industry sector.
  • Applicants should work in (or be affiliated to) an EU-based institution.
  • The call expects candidates to be able to travel within Europe (VISA conditions).
  • The participants should be able to spend 9-10 days in the “Open Doors” programme.
  • Previous experiences in science communication, science outreach, science policy and/or science diplomacy will be valued positively.
  • Applicants should be strongly motivated to develop their career in the field of science advice and science diplomacy.

Schedule of the activity

  • 15-31 October 2018: Call for applications open.
  • End of November 2018: Notification of the selected candidates.
  • Beginning of December 2018: Travel arrangements S4D4C Global Dialogue Meeting of Madrid.
  • 12-14 December 2018: S4D4C Global Dialogue Meeting in Madrid.
  • January to March 2019: Science Diplomacy Tour.
  • March to May 2019: Preparation of reports and video testimonials.
  • 2019: Participation at the 2nd Global Dialogue Meeting in Berlin.
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