Season’s Greetings from S4D4C

The S4D4C project consortium wishes you a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year 2020! Thank you for your interest in our project throughout 2019 and we hope to be in touch also in the forthcoming year!

Concluding our efforts for this year, we would like to announce two very good news regarding our project:

Firstly, the official summary video of our 2nd science diplomacy networking event in Berlin, whick took place on October 10, is now available. The video is a good opportunity to delve again into the atmosphere of this special day, when we gathered almost 100 experts on science diplomacy to jointly discuss the way further for a “European Science Diplomacy Roadmap”. It also promotes the importance of science diplomacy, provides information on special activities in selected scientific fields and shares information about S4D4C’s initiatives in general (such as the S4D4C case studies).

S4D4C 2nd Networking Meeting “Towards a European Science Diplomacy Roadmap”

And secondly, we are very proud to announce that with the end of December 2019 the “Madrid Declaration on Science Diplomacy” has reached 120 signatories who endorse its vision and main principles! Thanks to each individual signatory for the support.

Madrid Declaration on Science Diplomacy. 2019

Do you want to sign it too? Just drop an email stating your intention to sign the Declaration with your name, affiliation and country ( All experts promoting this Declaration are signing on an individual basis.

(Header image: Photo by Lionello DelPiccolo on Unsplash)

S4D4C Team

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