Dr. Ewert Aukes is a postdoctoral researcher at Science, Technology and Policy Studies, a department of the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences of the Unversity of Twente, where his tasks comprise research as well as teaching. Having obtained his PhD in 2017 with a dissertation on framing in Dutch coastal policy, he works on two EU H2020 projects in the fields of forestry ecosystem services governance innovations and science diplomacy. He has published in scientific as well as professional journals relating to water management and interpretive policy analysis and authored reports for the Dutch public works agency concerning innovations in Dutch water management.

He contributed to several S4D4C case studies with information from the Netherlands as well as the transversal analysis of the empirical work. He also co-authored the outputs on meta-governance for science diplomacy ‘Meta-Governance for Science Diplomacy – towards a European framework‘ and in particular the Policy Brief and Report: A New Protocol for Science Diplomacy. You can also read HERE a conference report by him on the ‘Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium’s annual conference’ in November 2019 at INGENIO (CSIC), Valencia, Spain.