Policy Brief and Report: A New Protocol for Science Diplomacy

In this policy brief, S4D4C team members Ewert Aukes, Stefan Kuhlmann , James Wildson and Gonzalo Ordonez-Matamoros introduce the New Protocol for Science Diplomacy which is displayed on our website here.

The policy brief is intended to foster stronger science diplomacy practices able to efficiently tackles today’s global challenges. Traditional means of addressing global challenges have served their time and we now need new modes of international collaboration with scientific knowledge and expertise figuring more prominently if we want to ensure a post-COVID-19 recovery. The new Protocol for Science Diplomacy presented in this policy brief inspires the alignment of shared, cosmopolitan interests and their application to cross-border societal challenges. It comprises a set of twelve procedural and infrastructural principles with which actors can create a space for constructive and productive science diplomacy interactions. These principles are: Sensitivity; Inclusiveness; Transparency; Deliberation; Reciprocity; Complementarity & Manoeuvrability; Legitimacy; Alignment; Evaluation; Capacities; Capabilities; Trust.

The Protocol for Science Diplomacy sets new ground rules for international scientific and policy collaboration that enable us, inter alia, to make meaningful steps towards tackling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by their 2030 deadline. As such, it offers a roadmap for science diplomacy in the next decade and beyond.

You can access the policy brief below

The New Protocol for Science Diplomacy_S4D4C Policy Brief-v2

To quote the policy brief, we suggest: Aukes, Ewert, James Wilsdon, Gonzalo Ordóñez-Matamoros and Stefan Kuhlmann (2021): Global resilience through knowledge-based cooperation: A New Protocol for Science Diplomacy – Policy recommendations brief, Vienna: S4D4C.

We also invite you to navigate between the principles on our website here.

Furthermore, a more detailed report has been created that outlines the development of the S4D4C science diplomacy governance framework. It describes our proposal to use meta-governance as a procedural lens and the understanding of the governance area of science diplomacy that underlies the meta-governance framework. It also includes the governance practices recommended for science diplomacy and the meta-principles for effective science diplomacy which are presented online in the navigator. This report (our “Deliverable D4.4) can be downloaded below.

  D4.4 Governance framework report_final

To quote the report: Aukes, Ewert, Gonzalo Ordóñez-Matamoros, Stefan Kuhlmann and Sanaz Honarmand Ebrahimi (2020): Governance framework report, recommendations, process descriptions and chart, Deliverable 4.4, Vienna: S4D4C.

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