International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA)

INGSA is a collaborative platform for policy exchange, capacity building and research across diverse global science advisory organisations and national systems. Through workshops, conferences and a growing catalogue of tools and guidance, the network aims to enhance the global science-policy interface to improve the potential for evidence-informed policy formation at sub-national, national and transnational levels.

INGSA has a role in bringing together international science advisors addressing global challenges and in particular emergencies. For example, in order to improve the response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, INGSA created a dedicated hub of information related to the science advice and diplomacy issues raised by the pandemic.

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Further relevant knowledge resources: Please see the entry on the dedicated SD network: Science Policy in Diplomacy and External Relations (SPIDER) of INGSA. For European science advice, check also the EU Scientific Advice Mechanism, Group of Chief Scientific Advisory and SAPEA and use the search function or filter for the topic “Science Advice”.

Keywords: Science advice, Tools, Crisis response, Principles and guidelines

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Marie Croce

Posted by Marie Croce