Open notebook: Case study development

Case studies were at the heart of S4D4C two-day meeting in Prague in June 2018.

Since the initial steps following our kick-off meeting in Vienna, our team has been studying state-of-the-art literature, consulting experts on the challenges and needs of science diplomats, preparing logbooks for each of our case studies and engaging in coordination activities with our fellow science diplomacy projects.

On the 11th and 12th June, a majority of S4D4C team members gathered in Prague, Czech Republic, with a busy schedule ahead of them. On the menu? Discussing the elaboration of work methodologies for the nine case studies selected for the project, as well as holding a panel discussion on science diplomacy with Czech government and local embassy representatives.

The first day of the meeting started with presentations from the project’s work package leaders on their activities’ current state of play.

Specific focus was given to the state-of-the-art report that is currently being developed, as well as to preliminary results from the science diplomacy needs assessment survey.

The presentations led to quite enthusiastic discussions on how to best link what we learned to the case study work and how to format case study outputs in a way that serves our various project-internal and external audiences.

During the second day of our meeting, we focused on the nine case studies in more detail. Each case study group brainstormed separately on the design, themes, structure and format of the case studies as well as on the interview planning. We concluded with a plenary discussion covering research logistics and the requirements of the new data protection regulation. Case study team members are now all set to start the data collection work.

S4D4C Team

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