Announcement: S4D4C researchers providing actors’ perspectives – InsSciDE/The Hague Journal webinars

A series of four panels are hosted by the InsSciDE project with a mission of assembling a panoramic account of Covid-19 response efforts through testimonies and analyses from actors across sectors of society.

Title: ’Actors’ perspectives: Science diplomacy and the cross-sectoral impacts of Covid-19’

Date: 24-25 September 2020

Format: 4 panels organised on two days – starting 24.9 at 12.50, ending 25.9 at 12.30.

The presentations of S4D4Cs colleagues Tim Flink and Lorenzo Melchor are part of the Forum on Science Diplomacy which as brought together by Pierre-Bruno Ruffini for the latest issue of the “The Hague Journal of Diplomacy”. The Panel takes place on 24 September 13-14.30h after introductory words from Maria Cristina Russo, Director for International Cooperation, DG Research and Innovation (starting at 12.50 CET) who will introduce the series.

Moderated by Jan Melissen, Editor-in-Chief of The Hauge Journal of Diplomacy the following panellists will discuss their articles from the perspectives of the crisis:

This first panel is followed by a second one (15-16.30) entitled “Economic diplomacy meets science-techno diplomacy: Health, pharmacology and international business” in which panellists discuss how the fields of science and technology diplomacy have intersected with economic and commercial diplomacy. National and diplomatic officials discuss the considerations around the investments into and allocation of resources, from screening tests and tracing technology to the international competition arising in the race for a vaccine.

On on Friday 25 September 2020, two more panels are organised. The first one focuses on the topicResearchers and research institutes: Shaping and informing global action through diplomacy” (9-10.30), moderated by Katharina Paul (University of Vienna, InsSciDE project) bringing together several researchers working on molecular medicine, virology, pathogen evolution and medical research and COST, a funding programme that fosters interdisciplinary networks.

Last in this series, is a panel on “Institutional and territorial scales interlocking in health diplomacy”, also Friday, 25 September, 11-12.30 where speakers from UNESCO, WHO, Africa CDC and Inserm, the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research talk about international interactions between the institutions in charge of managing the crisis, moderated by Pascal Griset (InsSciDE).

More information (here) and registration via the InsSciDE project: here.

S4D4C Team

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