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Elucidating what a science diplomat is

S4D4C welcomes the recent publication in Open Access of the article entitled “What Is a Science Diplomat?” and written by our S4D4C partner Lorenzo Melchor. This piece is part of the series of special articles

Building a Science Diplomacy Curriculum

Our colleague Marga Gual Soler (TWAS) co-authored an article with Jean-Christophe Mauduit, Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy, University College London, London, United Kingdom in “Frontiers in Education” titled “Building a Science Diplomacy

S4D4C contributions to The Hague Journal of Diplomacy Forum on Science Diplomacy in open access

Several S4D4C researchers have contributed to the Forum on Science Diplomacy which is available in The Hague Journal of Diplomacy put together by Pierre-Bruno Ruffini from the Faculty of International Affairs, University of Le Havre-Normandie,

Policy Brief: Building Better Science Diplomacy for Global Challenges: insights from the COVID-19 crisis

In this new policy brief, Mitchell Young and a team of contributors from S4D4C elaborate on what we can learn from the COVID-19 crisis to build a stronger science diplomacy interface for better handling global

Calling for a systemic change: Towards a EU science diplomacy for addressing global challenges

We have witnessed how COVID-19 has brought to the limit health, social, economic, and labour systems and provoked huge turbulences in multilateral relations. In parallel, science and its ability to inform policies for better response

Science Diplomacy in the Making: Case-based insights from the S4D4C project

We are very happy to announce that the next major outcome of the S4D4C project is now available online – Science Diplomacy in the Making: Case-based insights from the S4D4C project – is a volume

S4D4C research on science diplomacy reflected in articles in “Forschung: Politik-Strategie-Management”

S4D4C partners Ewert Aukes, Stefan Kuhlmann and Tim Flink are proud to announce that two of their recent articles have now been published in the current edition of the journal “Forschung: Politik – Strategie –

S4D4C policy brief: Towards effective science diplomacy practice

Our S4D4C colleagues from the University of Twente, Ewert Aukes, Gonzalo Ordóñez-Matamoros, Stefan Kuhlman, and Sanaz Honarmand-Ebrahimi have published another policy brief focusing on key premises for the development of effective governance mechanisms for science

First version of a science diplomacy governance framework developed in S4D4C published by the University of Twente

As part of a series of working papers, (STePS working paper series “Science, Technology & Policy Studies”), S4D4C project partner University of Twente published a first version of a science diplomacy governance framework, which was

What it takes to do science diplomacy. Baseline analysis and needs assessment

One of the principal objectives of the S4D4C project is to increase the capacities of EU and EU Member State science diplomats and to offer relevant knowledge resources and training opportunities that support their work.