Stakeholder’s voices #7: Breaking Barriers with Anindita Bhadra from The Global Young Academy

Anindita Bhadra is the co-chair of the Global Young Academy, an organization connecting and mobilizing young scientists around the world. The GYA aims at empowering young researchers so that they can access international dialogue and

Europe and Canada addressing global challenges together: science diplomacy as a strategic approach

S4D4C has pulled together a panel for the 12th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC 2020). The event took place during the opening parallel sessions on November 16. CSPC ran from November 16-20 as an online

What Are National and Regional Approaches of Science Diplomacy? S4D4C Interactive Webinar Series 4

One way to identify national (or regional) approaches to science diplomacy (SD) is to scrutinize documents from national and international diplomatic contexts in which diplomacy meets science and vice versa. You may find policy guidelines

What are the EU practices in Science Diplomacy? S4D4C Interactive Webinar Series 3

In the last years, the European Commission has strongly embraced science diplomacy as a fundamental tool of external relations and as a means to leverage the impact of European research and innovation framework programmes. Although

Diplomatica Scientifica 11 Nov 2020

Report launch event: “Science Diplomacy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Strategies, Mechanisms, and Perspectives”

Our S4D4C team member Marga Gual Soler has authored a new science diplomacy report for the UNESCO Regional Office for Science for Latin America and the Caribbean. The policy paper “Science Diplomacy in Latin America

European Research Days 2020: Australia & New Zealand Edition

On November 27, S4D4C participates in the European Research Days 2020 (#ERD2020) Australia & New Zealand edition. The European Research Days are organized by EURAXESS Worldwide which is a platform on researchers’ mobility present in

NanoSafety researchers: “Science Diplomacy: A New Way to Think About Your Role in a Community of Research”

In the spirit of the nanoSAFE2020 conference, SAbyNA organises on November 23rd a training session on “Science Diplomacy: A New Way to Think About Your Role in a Community of Research”. The first part of

Insights from Commissioner Mariya Gabriel “Towards Science Diplomacy in the European Union”

This article has been written by Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth in October 2020. We are very grateful to her and her cabinet for acknowledging our project and its results.

Event announcement: Falling WallsXBerlin Science Week

Falling Walls and Berlin Science Week will host the 2020 edition of the World Science Summit, held remotely from 1 – 10 November 2020. The event gathers some of the world’s best researchers which will take

Who Are the Science Diplomacy Stakeholders? S4D4C Interactive Webinar Series 2

The second episode of our interactive webinar focused on deepening students’ understanding of module 3: Who Are the Science Diplomacy Stakeholders? The webinar offered an interactive learning experience combining discussions between experts on the content