date March 15

S4D4C final meeting: What happened on Monday, 15 March?

What was the programme on the first day?! We started at 13.00 CET with a short opening ceremony for the S4D4C Final Networking Meeting “Addressing Global Challenges Together: the Role of Science Diplomacy”. Elke Dall,


European Science Diplomacy Online Course updated

In May 2020 the S4D4C project launched the European Science Diplomacy Online Course – at the end of last year more than 6.000 trainees have started the course, 600 of them have already received a

Nurturing the Science Diplomacy Community

Nurturing the EU Science Diplomacy Community: The Launch of a EU Science Diplomacy Alliance for Addressing Global Challenges

S4D4C’s approach to science diplomacy promotes a multi-stakeholder endeavor and searches to nurture a European science diplomacy community where scientists, scholars, innovators, diplomats, policy-makers, and other practitioners have the opportunity to interact for the benefit

New Version of the S4D4C Policy Report “Calling For A Systemic Change: Towards a European Union Science Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges”

Last May 2020, S4D4C published the policy report entitled “Calling for a Systemic Change: Towards a European Union Science Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges”. Together with the publication of this policy report, S4D4C opened a

Policy Brief and Academic Article: Why science diplomacy needs evaluative backing

In this new policy brief, S4D4C team member Tim Flink presents a first set of guiding ideas that can be used by policy actors to evaluate science diplomacy strategies. Science diplomacy has been a rather

Gender in science diplomacy and S4D4C

Day of Women in Science – Women in Science Diplomacy The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated on 11 February and at S4D4C we want to use this occasion to briefly

Policy Brief and Report: A New Protocol for Science Diplomacy

In this policy brief, S4D4C team members Ewert Aukes, Stefan Kuhlmann , James Wildson and Gonzalo Ordonez-Matamoros introduce the New Protocol for Science Diplomacy which is displayed on our website here. The policy brief is

Pauline Ravinet: For a more diverse science diplomacy

For this new researchers’ voice, S4D4C team member Pauline Ravinet is answering our questions. Pauline is Assistant Professor of Political Science at CERAPS and is the Vice President for European Affairs at the University of

Preliminary Agenda of the Final Networking Meeting

S4D4C  3rd and final networking meeting titled “Addressing Global Challenges Together: the Role of Science Diplomacy” will be taking place online for a week from Monday 15th March to Friday 19th March 2021, combining plenary sessions and

Panel Indo-German Dialogue

S4D4C partner at the Indo-German Dialogue – Science diplomacy for international cooperation

On January 21, 2021, our colleague Maria Josten (DLR) participates in the Indo-German Dialogue on science diplomacy for international cooperation organised by the DWIH New Delhi. The event brings together stakeholders active in the fields