Briefing Science Policy Fellows on Science Diplomacy

S4D4C is interested in the implementation of science diplomacy and science policy fellowships as opportunities to strengthen the links between these different worlds (for example, S4D4C has implemented its own small programme, inviting scientists to

What about diplomats? Insights from Susanne Keppler-Schlesinger & Maximilian Huck

Science diplomacy is made of individuals of many different backgrounds, blurring the lines between diplomacy and science.  In this researchers’ voice, SD4DC team members, Susanne Keppler-Schleisinger and Maximilian Huck elaborate on the multifaceted role of

What Is Science Diplomacy? S4D4C Interactive Webinar Series 1

The first episode of our interactive webinar focused on deepening students’ understanding of module 2: What is Science Diplomacy? The webinar offered an interactive learning experience combining discussions between experts on the content of the

Workshop: Reflections on the climate debate in Central Europe: Finance and science diplomacy

The countries of Central Europe are rarely in the spotlight when it comes to the climate debate, but they are increasingly vocal and confident actors on the European stage. What exactly is their role in

Romancing science for global solutions

One of S4D4C’s mission is to increase the conceptual understanding of science diplomacy addressing global challenges. This also includes a critical review of how the concept is currently used to better understand and use it.

S4D4C Interactive Webinar Series: Exchange views and build your science diplomacy community!

In May 2020 we launched an online course on European science diplomacy. Almost 5,000 students have registered – this surpasses our expectations. Based on the feedback of the course participants and aiming to seize the

Horizon Europe banner

Shaping science diplomacy for Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the ninth European Research and Innovation Framework Programme (2021-2027) and successor programme of Horizon 2020 which is co-funding also the S4D4C project activities. The strategic plan, rules of participation and guidelines for

Critical perspective on Science Diplomacy in The Hague Journal of Diplomacy

S4D4C team member Tim Flink published an article entitled “The sensationalist Discourse of Science Diplomacy: A critical reflection”. This piece is part of the series of special articles that S4D4C researchers have contributed to The

“The ‘Matters’ of Science Diplomacy: Transversal Analysis of the S4D4C Case Studies”

What matters in science diplomacy? That is the question that our new publication “The ‘Matters’ of Science Diplomacy: Transversal Analysis of the S4D4C Case Studies” aims to answer. To do so, the transversal analysis critically

Elucidating what a science diplomat is

S4D4C welcomes the recent publication in Open Access of the article entitled “What Is a Science Diplomat?” and written by our S4D4C partner Lorenzo Melchor. This piece is part of the series of special articles