1. How to Get Started?
2. What Is Science Diplomacy?
3. Who Are the Science Diplomacy Stakeholders?
4. How Does the EU Practice Science Diplomacy?
5. What Are the National, Regional and Thematic Approaches of Science Diplomacy?
6. What Set of Skills Do I Need to Be a Good Science Diplomat?
7. Hands On! Case Studies
8. How Can You Dive Deeper into Science Diplomacy?
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1.1 User Manual- Introduction to the Module


Simon Schmitz1 and Maria Josten1

1 DLR Project Management Agency | European and International Cooperation | Strategy and Monitoring Division


Lorenzo Melchor and Izaskun Lacunza, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), Spain
Susanne Keppler-Schlesinger and Maximilian Huck, Vienna School of International Studies
Laure-Anne Plumhans, Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI)
Claire Mays, H2020 project InsSciDE, Institut Symlog de France, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

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This module takes max. 30 minutes

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