1. How to Get Started?
2. What Is Science Diplomacy?
3. Who Are the Science Diplomacy Stakeholders?
4. How Does the EU Practice Science Diplomacy?
5. What Are the National, Regional and Thematic Approaches of Science Diplomacy?
6. What Set of Skills Do I Need to Be a Good Science Diplomat?
7. Hands On! Case Studies
8. How Can You Dive Deeper into Science Diplomacy?
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5.5.1 Brainstorming Questions

These questions are posed for you to reflect individually about the main messages put by our experts in science diplomacy. Please, take some time to think about them.

    • How would you describe a specific science diplomacy action, such as the establishment of a large research infrastructure in a region traditionally in conflict, with the different conceptual frameworks here presented?
    • Science diplomacy is a practice that is understood in different ways by different professionals or countries. What is your definition? Do you think we require a common consensus for its definition among practitioners?
    • Are all scientists and diplomats suited to undertake science diplomacy actions or do they require special training?
    • There is no one size that fits all. Science diplomacy institutionalised positions vary between countries. Could you reflect on how your country structures its science diplomacy responsibilities between or within any of its scientific or foreign-affairs governmental departments?