1. How to Get Started?
2. What Is Science Diplomacy?
3. Who Are the Science Diplomacy Stakeholders?
4. How Does the EU Practice Science Diplomacy?
5. What Are the National, Regional and Thematic Approaches of Science Diplomacy?
6. What Set of Skills Do I Need to Be a Good Science Diplomat?
7. Hands On! Case Studies
8. How Can You Dive Deeper into Science Diplomacy?
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5.1.2 Structure and content of the module

The module is composed of three major chapters:

  1. an introduction to regional and national approaches to science diplomacy based on some historical facts, national institutional frameworks and selected spotlights on current trends;
  2. examples for the handling of global challenges, where both aspects of science diplomacy, science and diplomacy, are actually needed and can be combined in prolific ways;
  3. summary – characteristics of science diplomacy Action

You may find it helpful to refer to module 4 “Science Diplomacy practices of the EU” as an example of a particular regional approach to science diplomacy. Reference to other modules might be useful as well, as they introduce the cultural dimension of science diplomacy.

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