1. How to Get Started?
2. What Is Science Diplomacy?
3. Who Are the Science Diplomacy Stakeholders?
4. How Does the EU Practice Science Diplomacy?
5. What Are the National, Regional and Thematic Approaches of Science Diplomacy?
6. What Set of Skills Do I Need to Be a Good Science Diplomat?
7. Hands On! Case Studies
8. How Can You Dive Deeper into Science Diplomacy?
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7.1.1 Learning Objectives and Experts’ Preliminary Insights

Learning objectives

This module aims to provide you with practical examples of science diplomacy in the making. A mixed team of researchers from the S4D4C consortium have produced nine empirical case studies, and in this module we will share information from four of these cases. Additionally, two historical cases studies from S4D4C’s sister project InsSciDE – ‘Inventing a shared Science Diplomacy for Europe’ will be displayed. In this total of six case studies, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the science diplomacy dimension on each particular case?
  • Who are the main stakeholders for each practical case and what are their interests?
  • What are the relationships between EU, MS and global challenges evident in these real life scenarios?
  • What are the main findings and recommendations to come out of these empirical case studies?

What the experts think

A brief explanation of what you will find in this module is provided by the work package leader of our S4D4C empirical case studies.

Mitchell Young

Mitchell Young

Assistant Professor, Department of European Studies, Charles University in Prage

What is the main research question you wanted to ask with these case studies?

Some Questions to reflect on after watching the videos

These questions are posed for you to reflect individually about what you are going to find in the following case studies. Please, take some time to consider these questions and develop some ideas.

  • Do you think science diplomacy is widely recognised as a practice across different stakeholders and professionals?
  • How do national and global interests influence decision-making?
  • Would there be any topic or any scientific discipline specially related to science diplomacy nowadays?


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