Knowledge Transfer

The primary step in every training module needs to be the transfer of knowledge, namely the provision of basic information and the theoretical background necessary to grasp the wider connotations of a specific subject. Also in the case of Science Diplomacy, being familiar with the theoretical underpinning considerably facilitates the absorption of knowledge in more practice-oriented settings.

If the minority of participants are “beginners”, we recommend you to start with the following structure:

The training material Health Diplomacy, International Science Ecosystem and Open Science Diplomacy , should be used for advanced science diplomats.

To make the presentation more interesting and interactive it should be combined with different exercises and discussion models from different section. For example:

Generally, you are free to share and adapt the materials for any purpose with adequate attribution and for non-commercial use. The majority of the materials is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC-BY). Please check carefully each material’s licence – there are some exceptions (e.g. CC-BY-ND).

We are happy if you drop us a line in case you re-use any of the material to learn about their dissemination: