“The ‘Matters’ of Science Diplomacy: Transversal Analysis of the S4D4C Case Studies”

What matters in science diplomacy? That is the question that our new publication “The ‘Matters’ of Science Diplomacy: Transversal Analysis of the S4D4C Case Studies” aims to answer. To do so, the transversal analysis critically

Elucidating what a science diplomat is

S4D4C welcomes the recent publication in Open Access of the article entitled “What Is a Science Diplomat?” and written by our S4D4C partner Lorenzo Melchor. This piece is part of the series of special articles

The SCIENCE in Science Diplomacy: Perspectives from Peter McGrath from TWAS

There is no science diplomacy without the substantial involvement of scientists. Scientists know that and have increasingly shown more interests in science policy. However, most traditional scientific training does not prepare scientists to interact outside

Science Diplomacy at the European “R&I Days”

The European Commission’s hosted its R&I Days (“Research and Innovation Days”) with a strong component on science diplomacy and international cooperation from 22-24 October. More information about the event is available on the dedicated website.

Future-Casting Science Diplomacy: Twelve months of COVID-19: Shaping the next era of science diplomacy

Our associated partner, AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy, published a call for a special issue of its journal “Science and Diplomacy” entitled “Future-Casting Science Diplomacy: Twelve months of COVID-19: Shaping the next era of science

Announcement: Europe and Canada addressing global challenges together: science diplomacy as a strategic approach

S4D4C has pulled together a panel for the 12th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC 2020). The event is virtual and the organisers anticipate 2.500+ participants and presenters from five continents in more than 65 panel

S4D4C researchers providing actors’ perspectives – InsSciDE/The Hague Journal webinars

Our sister project InsSciDE organized a two-days webinar session titled “Actors’ perspectives: Science diplomacy and the cross-sectoral impacts of Covid-19″. In the 4 panels, different practitioners, scholars and stakeholders of science diplomacy discussed science diplomacy

Ionising Radiation Research, Social Sciences and Humanities and Science Diplomacy

On 3 September 2020, our S4D4C partner Lorenzo Melchor ran a workshop entitled “An Introduction to Science Diplomacy: Navigating the Complex Interface between Science, Technology, Innovation, and International Relations” during the Pre-RICOMET Conference which dealt

Careers beyond the lab: discussions at the European Science Open Forum

The bi-annual European Science Open Forum had been postponed from July to September and was carried out as one of the largest “hybrid” science events from 2 to 6 September 2020. More than 1000 people

“Science Diplomacy and Global Challenges” at the ECPR General Conference

Our S4D4C partner Mitchell Young (Charles University Prague) organised a panel at the general conference of the European Consortium For Political Research (ECPR) on August 28, 9.00-10.45 CET. It is part of the section on