S4D4C online lecture “Science Diplomacy in the Making”

Upon invitation of the TU Dortmund Center for Higher Education, Stefan Kuhlmann and Ewert Aukes (both University of Twente) provided the online lecture “Science Diplomacy in the Making” in the frame of the “Higher Education

European Science Diplomacy Online Course Surpasses Expectations

We launched the course just 3 weeks ago and more than 3.000 trainees have already started the course, 300 of them have already received a certificate! Congratulations! Are you still wondering if the course is

Policy Brief: Building Better Science Diplomacy for Global Challenges: insights from the COVID-19 crisis

In this new policy brief, Mitchell Young and a team of contributors from S4D4C elaborate on what we can learn from the COVID-19 crisis to build a stronger science diplomacy interface for better handling global

Marie Curie Alumni Association Science Diplomacy Webinar

On the 5th of June, the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) organised a webinar on science diplomacy as part of their career development series. The aim of webinar was to give an insight into the

Stakeholder’s voices #4: A conversation with Alexander Sokolov, Moscow Higher School of Economics

For our fourth stakeholder voice, we contacted Alexander Sokolov from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow in May 2020 through email. The Higher School of Economics (HSE) is one of our six associated partners

Researcher’s voices #7 – Meet Maria Josten and Nadia Meyer (DLR) and Lorenzo Melchor, Ana Elorza, and Izaskun Lacunza (FECYT) on the launch of the S4D4C science diplomacy online course

Learning the practice: With the launch of its European Science Diplomacy Online Course the S4D4C project reached a major project milestone After months of preparation, the S4D4C European Science Diplomacy Online Course has been released

European Science Diplomacy Online Course now ready – for you!

Make use of a unique online training opportunity in science diplomacy Today marks a true milestone in the S4D4C project. After months of intensive preparations, conceptual discussions and a careful collection of material, the S4D4C

Online Event: Science and Diplomacy: How can one foster the other?

Two of our S4D4C team members, Lorenzo Melchor and Marga Gual Soler, participated on Monday in a webinar with the title “Science and Diplomacy: How can one foster the other?” which was organised and orchestrated

Calling for a systemic change: Towards a EU science diplomacy for addressing global challenges

We have witnessed how COVID-19 has brought to the limit health, social, economic, and labour systems and provoked huge turbulences in multilateral relations. In parallel, science and its ability to inform policies for better response

Stakeholder’s voices #3: A conversation with Chagun Basha, DST – Centre for Policy Research at Indian Institute for Science

For our third stakeholder voice, we contacted B. Chagun Basha, who is currently a visiting scholar at the Department of Science and Technology (Government of India)–Centre for Policy Research (DST-CPR) at the Indian Institute for